Our Mission

The mission of BackYard Nature Center is to promote, facilitate, and strengthen the bond between the nature environments in the New Trier Township and the children and adults who wish to enrich their lives with direct experiences in nature.

What We Do

BackYard Nature Center (BYNC), founded in 2007, is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that facilitates the process of connecting children and adults with the wonders of nature. These “wonders of nature” sites include the Skokie Lagoons and village parks in New Trier Township, and even your own backyard. The “connecting” process involves the following programs and components.

Education: Nature As Teacher

The basic premise of the Nature as Teacher (NaT) program is to have students utilize a nearby natural habitat to supplement their classroom learning experience and bring it to life with a relevant, real-world context.

Habitat Restoration & Stewardship

Integrates community service with civic responsibility, and strengthens a sense of community. It can be adapted to any age level, and implemented for individuals or groups.

Nature Play

A variety of landscapes, equipment, configurations, and natural resources that encourage exploration, creativity, physical activity, interaction, and a connection to the land.

Healthy Backyard Habitats

BYNC offers presentations and publications that advocate for, and describe, healthy and biodiverse natural environments for your community, or your own backyard.

A Letter From Our President - The Heart and Soul of BYNC

I founded BackYard Nature Center in 2007 to rekindle the spirit and help close the divide between people and nature. Our mission is simple...

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