Lessons with Nature

Who ever heard of using pine cones to study math? Or writing a short story from the perspective of a great blue heron? Or studying the ecological, esthetic, or financial effects of a heavy rain storm at your favorite local park? Or learning what occurs all around you when you sit absolutely still for 15 minutes in a forest or prairie?

BackYard Nature Center connects children and adults with the wonders of nature. One of the ways is with an emphasis on learning – the connection of awe with the intellect to provide experiences which inspire creativity, expanding of one’s horizons with new insights and the introduction of fresh cause-and-effect relationships, and juxtaposing concepts with hard data from the senses to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving. The connections may take place in two ways:

  • Outdoor Classrooms through our Nature as Teacher (NaT) Program
  • Service learning combining stewardship activities with a learning experience

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BackYard Nature Center has collaborated with teachers in crafting learning experiences in nature for over 60 classes, reaching more than 1000 students. Here are just a few of our success stories.

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