Oct 27th, 2017

Sunday Breakfast with Daniel Kielson

Daniel Keilson BYNC

While growing up in Rochester, New York, Daniel Kielson could have hit the sidewalks or trampled leaves and twigs through a park for his 15-minute walk to school each day.

It was an easy choice.

The park, always the park.

“I recognized and appreciated the benefits of walking through wooded areas at an early age,” says the 79-year-old Kielson, who founded Winnetka-based BackYard Nature Center (BYNC) in 2007. “I have always loved to explore. When I walked to school, I observed, heard and smelled the wonders of nature. At summer camp, while playing ‘Capture the Flag’, I would disappear, hide in the woods and then go around to get the flag.

“There’s a plethora of research, fairly recent research, that points to the cognitive, emotional and social benefits of spending time outdoors,” he adds.

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Back Yard Nature Center connects children and adults with the wonders of nature. Our mission is to promote, facilitate, and strengthen the bond between the nature environments in the New Trier Township and the children and adults who wish to enrich their lives with direct experiences in nature.

Sunday Breakfast with Daniel Kielson

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