BYNC Ongoing Programs

Next Generation [Science Standards] in Nature (NGN)

Classrooms adopting the Next Generation Science Standards are given the opportunity to develop a unique outdoor learning experience with help from BackYard Nature Center's certified naturalists. Learn more here.

Nature as Teacher (NaT)

The NaT program has students utilize their nearby natural habitat to supplement their classroom experience. Learn more here.

Camping for Families

A new program offered by the Winnetka Park District in conjunction with BYNC involving a peaceful night of camping and fun family-centered activities. Learn more here.

Science Curricula in Nature (SCN)

This project focuses on the educational relationship between the school science curricula and the natural ecosystem in its "backyard." Learn more here.

Outdoor Adventures w/ Winnetka Park District

Experience the diversity of plants and animals that inhabit Crow Island's various habitats through exploration and discovery with Master Naturalist and retired science teacher, Gary Morrissey. Learn more here.