Glencoe Central School 7th Graders Learning in Nature

In the month of May 2012, roughly 170 7th grade students participated in a day of service learning at Erickson Woods Forest Preserve.  BackYard Nature Center was proud to partner with Glencoe Central School, to help plan and carry out this day of science and service at the nearby Skokie Lagoons.  

As part of the planning stages, Daniel Kielson and Heidi Kiesler from BYNC; ecologist Karen Glennemeier; and Catherine Wang, Neil Couturier, and Kiimberly Dwan from the Glencoe Schools met both at the School and the Lagoons to design an SCN Program.  Four stations, each 50 minutes, were developed: tree identification, sedge quadrat analysis, invasive species study and service (pulling garlic mustard), and buckthorn cutting and burning.

It was an impressive undertaking, the weather very cooperative, the children enjoying a “school day” and lunch outdoors, but perhaps most memorable was the pile of 52 garbage bags filled with the invasive garlic mustard piled by the side of the parking area and ready to be picked up by the FPDCC. 

Truly a wonderful day of learning and stewardship … and right in their own backyard!